Zappos: Powered by Service

If there’s a company that exemplifies amazing customer service AND company culture it is Zappos. The online shopping website that just started off selling shoes has grown in the last few years. CEO Tony Hsieh is a great businessman which is shown through his little notations that “the customer service number is at the top… Continue reading Zappos: Powered by Service


Book Review: Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

Lean in. I have been hearing about Sheryl Sandberg and her concept and book since my sophomore year of college. To be honest my first impression of Sandberg was negative solely because the woman who introduced me to her disagreed with her beliefs.  She felt that Sandberg could not possibly give advice to all women… Continue reading Book Review: Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg


My Thoughts on ‘This Is What One Man Learned From Wearing Makeup For A Week’ by Isaac Fitzgerald

Interesting read


I wanted to share a BuzzFeed article that I read recently and found very interesting. The article is written by a man named Isaac Fitzgerald, an employee of BuzzFeed, who wears makeup for one work week. He talks about the way that the makeup makes him feel and how it makes others around him act toward him.

This social experiment shows judgement that one may receive for their looks, whether they be noticeable or not. It is difficult in this particular situation, I feel, to find a definite clear relationship between self expression and the need for general acceptance by other people, because I do not believe men will begin to widely wear makeup. Regardless, the positivity that Fitzgerald receives ignites pure happiness in me. I suppose that it is sad to be so surprised by human kindness. Just as surprising is the negative judgement that Fitzgerald receives. It is…

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