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LinkedIn: Useful or Useless?

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In the world of social media sites, it’s only right that there’s a site for networking: LinkedIn. I joined LinkedIn right before I graduated high school but there wasn’t much to my profile. It wasn’t until mid-college that I started sprucing it up. I put my experience, volunteer work, education and anything else I could. As each internship passed I started to connect with more people. Before I knew it, my profile was filled with every job I’ve had since I was 15 and tons of connections to validate that.

Being in communications – specifically PR – I make tons of media lists daily. LinkedIn has proven to be quite valuable to me. I can easily verify whether people are at the company that’s listed on Gorkana or some other site used for tracking reporters and editors.

I’ve also seen the power of LinkedIn in getting a job. LinkedIn, although I was confused by it at first, has a jobs section that shows you jobs your credentials show that you might fit. There’s even a button to apply (disclaimer – I never applied to anything via LinkedIn) but I’m sure it populates your profile into the application making applying to a job that easy.

I’ve had the conversation with many people in different fields and some people don’t think you need LinkedIn. A good friend of mine who’s a Foreign Exchange Analyst says “I see how Linkedin is useful. I personally use it to see where certain people work and/or their background for interviews but besides that I don’t use it.”

I can see the pull for police officers and teachers not on LinkedIn but the fact of the matter is being able to connect with people who are connected to others allows you to easily see someone’s experience. That ultimately gets your profile in front of the right eyes. I’ve been messaged directly by VP’s at PR firms who were interested in interviewing with me. LinkedIn can make your possibilities endless, and all you have to do is sign up.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn? Useful or just another useless social media site?

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