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Whew! It’s been a while but have no fear I am back. Just super busy finishing up my last semester of college while interning and trying to find a job! Recently I had the great pleasure of guest writing for my good friend Rachel’s blog. This is what she has to say about her blog The InspiRAEtion:

“At first this blog started as a hobby and to jump start my career into journalism. However over time it has developed into a platform where men and women can read to find what is really going on in the minds of twenty something year olds and to realize that we actually all think and act similar but are too afraid to admit it. In addition my girly fashion expertise may slip in. More recently, I have tapped into the minds of the greatest people I know, my friends.”

I am one of those friends! I wrote about my experience interning during my years of college and how it’s shaped me for graduation. Check it out here.

LKBootman meets The InspiRAEtion

Be sure to keep up with Rachel’s blog – she has great advice!


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