Trump and Communications

Within a week, the Trump administration has taken a huge hit at public policy. Everyone expected policy changes – Trump campaigned on disregarding everything President Obama worked on and making America great again (#MAGA). Surprising many citizens, even those who voted for him, he is keeping true to his word. The day after his inauguration he signed multiple executive orders and would continue to follow into the next week.

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As a communications professional, I have kept my eye on the campaign, the election, and now the presidency of Mr. Trump. The importance of Twitter became huge as we saw candidates on both sides consistently attack each other with 140 characters. Now President Trump has not stopped tweeting but he has put a media ban out on some governmental agencies. Specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been barred from awarding any new contracts or grants as well as banning press releases, blog updates, or any social media updates.

This type of order by the President is nothing that I have ever seen in my lifetime. It is concerning because it forces the American citizen to now think that people in our country are being censored. It allowed people on Twitter to call Trump out on dictator-like actions. The worst part is that the White House has no clear reasoning for the media blackout. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said he had no specific information on the blackout but ‘‘I don’t think it’s any surprise that when there’s an administration turnover, that we’re going to review the policies.”

It will be thrilling to see how communications policies continue throughout this administration. Perhaps this is only a beginning move and because the new administration wants to review policies they are being cautious but it also begs the question: is behavior like this going to continue?

Read more about it here!


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