Post Election Thoughts

To be quite honest – I am not surprised that Donald Trump was elected for President of the United States. I knew that there was a large population of closet supporters and that people truly disliked Clinton. However, the rest of the country is shocked and upset.  One thing I know is that most of us were hopeful that the drama from election 2016 would end on November 8th but it has not. Another thing that hasn’t stopped is Donald Trump’s tweeting.

Allegedly this will end once he gets inaugurated but I think it is quite interesting to see the president elect engage in social media so heavily. Some examples if you haven’t seen them:

So it’s safe to say the president-elect has been busy on Twitter since the end of the election. With this type of action- as a millennial studying public relations I wonder how his presidency will affect technology and social media in our lives. Will the older generation become more accepting? Will adults stop nagging teens for being on their phones all the time? These questions might seem absurd now but we might actually have an answer in the next few years.

Until then to keep up with the president elect follow him on twitter @realDonaldTrump and follow me while you’re at it @lkbootman.


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