In every day of our lives we come across someone who is “different.” They could be different in age, gender, race, and so many other areas. I think that my entire life I have been surrounded around “different” people. Yet it wasn’t until I moved away from home to go to college that I really truly realized people grow up so differently. My freshman year I had four roommates. They were from Brooklyn, Scarsdale, Staten Island, and Long Island. While I too am from Long Island and we are all from New York we all had different ways of living and it was not long before we learned what bothered one another and how we could work together to fix it.

It is hard to pinpoint one situation where I have learned from someone with a different background. These opportunities to learn occur every single day of my life. Between the people I have met at Iona College, the people I have met through my 3 internships, and the people I interact with throughout my days give me learning opportunities to change my way of thinking. I think it is important for all of us to learn from the people we meet. Everyone has a story; everyone has something that they can teach us.

Here’s a picture of me and some of my “different” friends who have all taught me something one way or another. Thanks ladies.


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