A Note from a Millennial during the 2016 Election

This is the first presidential election I get to vote in. I’ve voted on my school budget before and I’ve voted in elections at some point but this is my first presidential election. Since I can remember I have always been invested in politics and history. I know (through research, readings, movies etc ; ) the undeniable effort everyone went through to give Women and Blacks the right to vote.  I am a firm believer that as American Citizens you need to vote. You have to exercise your right that so many people fought for.

Come November I will be voting in this election. But, less than a month before the election I have no clue who I am voting for. The easiest route – which most of my friends are taking – is to just not vote. We can’t do that though. We are the biggest block of voters in this election. Our vote counts. I know it’s scary and do we as 20-something year olds know who is right to run our country? No, probably not but we can watch the debates, listen, learn, and then exercise our right.

So to all my millennials unsure of who to vote for, scared, nervous, or whatever your reasoning may be…educate yourself. The future is in our hands. Vote November 8th.

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