Zappos: Powered by Service

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If there’s a company that exemplifies amazing customer service AND company culture it is Zappos. The online shopping website that just started off selling shoes has grown in the last few years. CEO Tony Hsieh is a great businessman which is shown through his little notations that “the customer service number is at the top of every single webpage, so that you don’t have to go searching if you need to talk to someone.” What’s important to Zappos is what should be important to any start-up if you want to succeed: that you are doing something fun that overall benefits others. I have watched many videos on Zappos culture (Check out this one!) and they all show what a good faith FUN company they are. As far as PR challenges  – I can’t think of any at this moment. Unless it were to come out that they were doing something sneaky, that wasn’t benefiting customers, they are on a strong road to success.


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