Ethics in The Workplace

Your ethics can be tested in any setting at any time and any place. In the workplace, when your ethics come into play it shows what type of professional you are choosing to be. This week I watched a video for PR professionals on ethics and interviewing (View here!).

Image result for ethics

Most of the advice Peter Stanton, CEO of Stanton Communications, gave I knew from my Media, Law & Ethics class and frankly just from life. However, one great note he gave was that you should ask about ethical practices in your interview. I found this to be an extremely helpful note because even though it could be uncomfortable to ask at the end of the day you want to make sure you’ll be working in a place that has ethics. Interviews can be tricky overall and you need to prepare, prepare, and prepare. So I will be taking some time this weekend to focus on my “success stories” that I can use during an interview!


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