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USC Report on PR’s Future

After reading the USC Report on PR Future I became super inspired and excited! Immediately the opening pages discuss the growth of the public relations industry.  The director of the USC Center for Public Relations Fred Cook said “overall, we are sensing a continued optimism about the direction the industry is headed, which is good news for people entering the field.”

I found it quite assuring to read some of the skills that are at the top for what PR firms are looking for. I definitely believe that written communications is the most important skill because even though technology is increasing you still need to write. According to the report writing, is considered a “price of admission” skill for communicators, ranked as more critical than strategic planning, social media expertise and multimedia content development and a long way ahead of things such as business literacy, analytics, research, search engine optimization and behavioral science.

I really valued the fact that the report includes the personality traits that firms are looking for because I’ll be able to use this information to my advantage in an interview. Everyone wants a hard-worker and team player but if I’m able to highlight that I am a critical thinker, curious and creative that will separate me from my peers. Overall the report made me super excited to get into the Public Relations field. I would recommend any public relations student, or a student trying to figure out their major to read these reports on the industry.

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