It’s safe to say this is not my first snowstorm since I have been living in New York my entire life. Yet this storm is supposed to be one of the worst we’ve seen in history. I find snowstorms to be interesting because everyone really has to stay inside. It’s fun to know that everyone in the area is home and cuddled up with their loved ones. Not many people are working, there is no school, and we all get to just relax.

A Glimpse of the WeatherBut in all honesty, I hate the snow, winter, and the cold but having classes cancelled when we’ve only been at school for a week is the best. I went to a high school where it basically took six feet of snow to have school closed. At Iona College its a little easier since we have so many commuters who go here as well as residents. Today I spent the day baking cake pops with some of my sorority sisters and I’m going to finish off the day by watching Boardwalk Empire on HBOGo.  But even though I’ll be all snuggly in my blanket I will always be missing the warm weather and cannot wait for May to come around the corner.



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